The quickest way to simplify your sailing and extend the life of your mainsail!

North’s QuickCover™ dramatically simplifies lowering, flaking and covering your mainsail. Simply unzip the cover and hoist the main... then drop the main, zip it up, and you’re done! QuickCover is installed into the sail track on the boom, so it remains in place even while the boat is sailing. If you prefer, it can be lowered and lashed down with built in straps when underway. QuickCover does not interfere with reef points or the outhaul track. QuickCovers are made of durable Sunbrella® canvas in a wide selection of colors. The QuickCover is essential to any boat with a bimini under the boom and makes stowing and protecting your mainsail from damaging UV rays a one-man job. North’s QuickCover is the best way we know to simplify your sailing and extend the life of your sails at the same time. 

© North SailsNorth’s QuickCover is supported by a simple and convenient Lazy Jack system. The only measurement needed is the distance from the 1st or 2nd spreader (on a mast with multiple spreaders, use the 2nd spreader) down to the top of the mainsail headboard when lowered and flaked. The lazy jacks can remain in place while the mainsail is in use. The lazy jacks should be loosened if you choose to strap the QuickCover down while sailing.

Ordering Your QuickCover™

To order, contact your local North Sails representative.

How to Measure for a QuickCover

1 - Measure the distance from the top of the boom to the head of the main. Make sure the main is compressed all the way down on the mast track. 
2 - Measure the length of the foot of the mainsail.
3 - Measure from the front of the headboard to the topping lift.
4 - Measure the distance from the mast to the reef rings along foot. Make sure to include all reefs.
5 - Measure the half-girth. This is the distance from the headboard, around the flakes to the top of the boom.
6 - Measure the half-girth four feet after the mast.
7 - Measure the half girth just in front of the clew.
8 - Mast circumference just above headboard.
9 - Style and size of the foot slot - i.e., 3/8 bolt rope, 6mm slides, etc.
10 - Indicate Sunbrella® color choice (name and number - e.g.: Captain Navy 6046).

© North Sails

QuickCover Instructions

Parts Supplied
1 - Sail cover with Lazy Jacks
2 - Cheek blocks
3 - Padeyes
4 - 3" cleats

- Slide cover onto boom.
STEP 2 - Mark padeye placement, one on each side of the mast at approximately 45 degree angle to hold up front of cover. Install padeye and tie up front end.
STEP 3 - Tie up back end to topping lift.
STEP 4 - Mark and attach cheek block approximately 65% up the mast. Run lazy jack line through the block and down the mast.
STEP 5 - (Optional) Attach cleat to either side of mast for lazy jack adjustment OR tie lazy jack to padeye.

© Chuck Allen