North's Seasonal Savings Event Has Arrived!
If you've been waiting for the right time to buy a new North Sail, the time to act is now! Your local North Sails representative is offering seasonal savings on North 3DL®, 3Di™, NorDac™, NorLam™, Radian, and NorLon™ sails. Pick up the phone and call the number below. You'll be connected to your nearest North Sails representative who will help make next season your best ever! 
Call: 1-978-745-1400

Get Another Year Out of Your Sails...

Are Your Sails in Need of Winter Service?

• Have you noticed chaffing at your spreaders?
• Loose threads or worn batten pockets?
• Have you noticed declining speed or excessive heeling?
• Are you converting to RF of full length battens?
• Are your sails in need of wash due to mildew growth?

Call Today… North Sails is able to take care of all your winter service needs in order to assure a worry free and faster season next year.

Sail Care Services...

North Sails in Salem, MA Can Help you with:

• Sail Check
• Sail Repair
• Sail Wash
• Sail Storage
• Canvas Wash & Storage
• Canvas Repair
Northeast - Salem, MA Sales & Sail Care
Address:                23 Glendale Street
Salem, MA 01970 USA
Fax:  978-745-9979
Administrator:  Dru Slattery
Sail Care Manager:
Steve Barry
Sales:  Jack Slattery | mobile: 781 929 1824
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