North Sails is proud to announced that we are now building Contender class sails, with assistance from our knowledgable and experienced colleagues at North Sails One Design in the UK. With an eye to ease of use especially in heavy air, we have shortened the leech a bit more to give more boom clearance with maximum rake. This actually raises the girth measurements higher in the sail, so the area change is minimal and area up top is always preferred over area at the clew and foot. The lower 4 battens are sewn in to prevent loss, and the top compression batten uses a simple Velcro system. The sail comes standard with tack and clew straps.

We offer designs in Dacron and Kevlar for the North American market. Our Dacron sail uses two different weights of fabric to make for a smooth and adjustable sail, and was used to win the 2008 Florida Midwinters. We look forward to the growth of the class on this side of the pond, and the upcoming 2012 Worlds here in St Petersburg. Racing will be in the Gulf, right off the beach. North Sails is helping organize the regatta and it promises to be a fine Spring event!