The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) program enlists the best designers worldwide to bring you reliable sails that get results. CSD Farr 30 sails are designed by world champion Farr 30 sailors and are tested and updated to achieve the best performance possible.

At North Sails, every regatta is treated like a sail test, and we are constantly working to make sure our CSD sails are at the top of the Farr 30 class. North’s CSD Farr 30 sails have won both inshore and offshore championships, offering you a proven, fast, and versatile package made with the most advanced sail manufacturing technology in the industry. We have compiled years of tuning tips into our Farr 30 Tuning Guide to optimize your sails, boat and crew.

Martin StrandbergMartin Strandberg (martins@se.northsails.com) is the Farr 30 Class Leader in the North Sails Class Sail Development program. An accomplished sailor, Martin started with North Sails in 2008. He has sailed twice in the Olympics in the Tornado Class and sailed with Victory Challenge during the 2006-2007 America's Cup challenger series. Martin bought his own Farr 30 in 2010 and has been very active in the class since. If you have any questions about the Farr 30 or would like to find your local Farr 30 expert, contact Martin Strandberg today.