Farr 40

The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) has been dedicated to the Farr 40 class since its creation over fifteen years ago. North CSD sails have always been the sail of choice, and as the Farr 40 class moves from fractionals to mastheads or Aramid to carbon, North Sails continues to be a leader in material and design development.

© North Sails Farr 40s race with the top professionals in the game, and the pros always request North CSD sails. North CSD sails are not only at the top of the class; they are the most popular sails in the class. Wherever you may stand in the fleet, the CSD has compiled expert tuning tips to optimize your sails, boat and crew so that you can get those extra points that make the difference.

Dave Scott (left) is the Farr 40 Class Sail Development (CSD) Class Leader. If you have a question about the Farr 40 quick tuning guide, or if you would like to locate the Farr 40 expert nearest you, contact Dave at dave@csd.northsails.com.