P = 12.25 m
E =
4.54 m

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Made from 3DL technology, our class mainsail will perform well throughout the entire wind range. 3DL construction ensures the sail will stay fast for many regattas, especially important with the tight sail restrictions within the class.

MN-3MN-3 Flying Tiger Class Mainsail $6,093
3DL 860 Aramid 12,600 DPI Performance Film

» Class Minimum Weight 
» 2 Full Length Top Battens
» 3 Leech Battens
» 1 Reef point
» Sail Numbers 
» Class Insignia
» Telltales
» RBS Battens
» Cunningham 
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APH-3 Flying Tiger #1 All Purpose Headsail $3,258
3DL 860 Aramid 10,850 DPI Performance Film

The APH-3 jib is designed with 3 horizontal battens which give better leech support than standard vertical battens. This provides great durability and excellent shape holding for the life of the sail. The APH-3 is user friendly and easier to trim in all conditions. Soft hanks are included for fast trouble-free hoists and drops without catching on the spinnaker.

» 3 Horizontal Battens 
» Soft Hanks
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MH-1 Flying Tiger Masthead Spinnaker $5,165
Dynakote 75

Max area for optimum performance in W/L races. This sail files well and is very easy to trim. Made with Dynakote 75 for extra durability and minimum water absorption, as well as being minimum class weight.

» Inked on Sail Numbers

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