North Sails is pleased to introduce the Flying Tiger 10 into the North Sails Class Sail Development program (CSD). CSD brings together all the resources of North Sails to produce fast and durable sails for the FT10 class.

With extremely competitive one design racing and also a tight sail limitation rule it is important that FT10 sails are not only fast but durable as well.

Both North sail designs and construction methods are very well proven and combined with our rig tuning guide, will ensure that not only are your new FT10 sails fast straight out of the bag, but will stay that way for many races.

© North SailsAlastair "Alby" Pratt ( is your Flying Tiger Class Leader within North Sails. With 20+ years of sailmaking experience, Alby is closely involved with the class and is always working to improve the product. He can answer any questions you have about the Flying Tiger, including sail and rig setup, or he can direct you to your local FT10 expert.