P = 41.5
= 14.6

Note: All prices below are in US Dollars and are designated for delivery in North America. Prices do not include shipping, tax or duty.

» 1 Full Length RBS Top Batten 
» 3 RBS Leech Battens 
» 1 Class Reef 
» Allslip or Kiwi Luff Slides
» Insignia 
» Country Code
» Sail Numbers 
» Trim Stripes
» Shelf Foot 
» Cunningham
» Certified Measurement 
» Roll Bag

CM-1 All-Purpose Mainsail $3,920
7.5oz Yarn Tempered Dacron 

A great all-purpose mainsail designed for easy tuning and trimming. Built from the best 7.5 oz yarn-tempered Dacron available, the AP mainsail is extremely versatile and performs well over a wide range of wind conditions. This is the sail of choice for boats that sail primarily in under 18 knots.

HM-1 Heavy Air Mainsail $3,860
8.6oz Yarn Tempered Dacron

The HA mainsail is built from the highest quality 8.6 oz yarn tempered Dacron available. It is the perfect sail for any boat that sails the majority of the time in over 15 knots. Most recently, slightly more luff curve has been added to the top of the sail to better suit the mast bend.


I = 40.6
J = 13.5
LP = 102%

» 3 Tapered RBS Vertical Epoxy Battens
» High Modulus Leech Line 
» Foot line 
» Trim Stripes 
» Stanchion Patch 
» Telltales
» Telltale Window
» Certified Measurement
» Sausage Bag

L-3 Light/Medium Class Jib $3,728 (Formerly LA-3)
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI - Clear Performance Film

Designed for use in light-to-medium air, the 3DL L-3 Light Jib is fast in anything under 8 knots and also performs well in wavy conditions. “We gave it an enhanced foot round, measuring just under the class limit,” said Class Leader Will Keyworth. This sail is great for light air venues like Annapolis, Lake Ontario and San Diego. 

M-3 AP Medium Class Jib $3,728 (Formerly CJ-3)
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI - Clear Performance Film

The 3DL M-3 AP Medium Jib has a custom yarn layout and finishing detail refinements and minimum class bag weight of 23 lbs. It also utilizes the enhanced foot round feature of the L-3 Light Jib. This sail is the result of extensive testing and is proven fast in both medium and heavy air. The M-3 AP Medium Jib features a specialized vertical profile to allow for tight sheeting for exceptional pointing ability.

NEW! H-4 Heavy Class Jib $4,278 (Formerly HA-4)
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI with Single Sided Taffeta Film

The 3DL H-4 Heavy Jib is optimized for heavy air conditions with its single sided taffeta and vertical epoxy battens. The draft forward, straight leech design of the HA jib is ideal for the windy venues.


89 Square Meters

Class minimum cloth weight: 44 g/m² 
» Country Code
» Sail Numbers
» Certified Measurement
» Box Turtle Bag

The J/105 Class Rule allow for 2 spinnakers to be carried onboard while racing.

A2-1 Asymmetrical $4,077 (Formerly named the VF-1 / V-Force)
» AirX 700

This sail was formerly the VF-1 (VForce) and has now been renamed the A2-1. It has been a class favorite for several years. 

NEW! A2-2 Asymmetrical $4,077 *recommended
» AirX 700

New for 2015, the A2-2 is our latest development for the J/105 class. It has proven extremely fast in all conditions. The powerful sail projects to windward allowing you to sail deeper angles than before with similar speed. It's a true weapon in windward/leeward course racing.

NEW! A2.5-1 Asymmetrical $4,077
» AirX 700

New for 2015, the A2.5-1 is based off our new A2-2 design, but with added reinforcement in the patching giving it increased durability in windy venues. 


» J/105 Sail Cover $424
» J/105 Sail Cover w/Custom Logo $550
J/105 Wheel/Binnacle Cover $325
J/105 Canvas Furling Sock $533