P = 41.5
= 14.6
Sail Area
= 376 sq ft

Note: All prices below are in US Dollars and are designated for delivery in North America. Prices do not include shipping, tax or duty.

CM-1 All-Purpose Mainsail $3,920
7.5oz Yarn Tempered Dacron 

A great all-purpose mainsail designed for easy tuning and trimming. Built from the best 7.5 oz yarn-tempered Dacron available, the AP mainsail is extremely versatile and performs well over a wide range of wind conditions. This is the sail of choice for boats that sail primarily in under 18 knots.

HM-1 Heavy Air Mainsail $3,860
8.6oz Yarn Tempered Dacron

The HA mainsail is built from the highest quality 8.6 oz yarn tempered Dacron available. It is the perfect sail for any boat that sails the majority of the time in over 15 knots. Most recently, slightly more luff curve has been added to the top of the sail to better suit the mast bend.

» 1 Full Length Top Batten 
» 3 Leech Battens 
» 1 Class Reef 
» Allslip or Kiwi Luff Slides

» Shelf Foot 
» Insignia 
» Sail Numbers 
» RBS Battens 
» Cunningham 
» High Modulus Leech Line 
» Foot line 
» Trim Stripes 
» Offshore Zip Bag


I = 40.6
J = 13.5
LP = 102%

LA-3 Light/Medium Class Jib $3,728
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI

Designed for use in light-to-medium air, the LA-3 is fast in anything under 8 knots and also performs well in wavy conditions. “We gave it an enhanced foot round, measuring just under the class limit,” said Class Leader Will Keyworth. This sail is great for light air venues like Annapolis, Lake Ontario and San Diego. The LA-3 replaces North’s previous light air option, the LA-2.

CJ-3 Medium/Heavy Class Jib $3,728
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI

The 3DL CJ-3 jib has a custom yarn layout, increased DPI, finishing detail refinements and minimum class bag weight of 23 lbs. This sail is the result of extensive testing and is proven fast in both medium and heavy air. The CJ-3 jib features a specialized vertical profile to allow for tight sheeting for exceptional pointing ability.

HA-3 Heavy Class Jib $4,278
3DL 600 Aramid 16800 DPI

The HA jib utilizes horizontal roll battens. The 3DL HA-3 Jib is optimized for the heavy air conditions. The draft forward, straight leech design of the HA jib is ideal for the more windy venues. For PHRF sailors, the HA jib is a perfect complement to your overlapping genoa.


» 3 Tapered RBS Vertical Battens (CJ-1)
» Horizontal Roll Battens (HA-1)

» High Modulus Leech Line 
» Foot line 
» Trim Stripes 
» Sausage Bag 
» Telltales / Telltale Window


89 Square Meters

MF-1 (MaxForce)
AirX 700 $4,077

The 2014 MF-1 (MaxForce) J/105 spinnaker is designed with the input of North Sails representative Max Skelley. The sail is optimized for the lower wind ranges of under 10 knots but also performs well across the wind range as an all-purpose sail. The sail now comes in two choices of fabric for even greater performance in your personal sailing area.

With the two spinnaker class rule, the MaxForce is the perfect partner to the VForce spinnaker in your J/105 inventory.

© North SailsVF-1 (VForce) All-Purpose
NorLon 75 $3,250
AirX 700 $4,077

VF+-1 (VForce+) Heavy Air
NorLon 75 $3,250
AirX 700 $4,077

Asymmetric spinnaker development continues to move at a rapid pace. North has revolutionized spinnaker development with the new Virtual Wind Tunnel, which accurately simulates downwind airflow over unlimited dynamic range at 100% scale.

North’s J/105 team utilized VWT simulations in a quest to develop a better J/105 spinnaker in all wind conditions. Various new design shapes and sail geometries were tested against North’s standard J/105 designs. The result is North’s new VForce J/105 asymmetrics, featuring optimized sail sizing for increased actual surface area under the 89m2 areas rule, greater driving force in all wind speeds, and improved twist characteristics; leech twists easily in light air, yet doesn’t over twist in heavy air. Constructed with North’s new NorLite 70OD, designed specifically for the J/105, the new VForce asymmetrics will give North customers an even greater advantage. 

High Modulus Luff and Leech Cord 
» Sail Numbers 
» Box Turtle Bag


» J/105 Sail Cover $424
» J/105 Sail Cover w/Custom Logo $550
J/105 Wheel/Binnacle Cover $325
J/105 Canvas Furling Sock $533