TESTIMONIAL: We use North Sails on both our J/70 and J/105. On a personal level, after more than 20 years of racing, I can honestly say I’ve never learned more about sail trim and rig set-up than I have with the North Sails Client Services team at various regattas over the past few months. Their on-the-water guidance combined with post-race debriefing, while frequently humbling, is a great benefit to their customers and unique among sailmakers. And, as an organizer of the recent J/70 and J/105 North American Championship regattas in Annapolis, I can confirm that the presence of the NSCS team was an important aspect of making those regattas as successful as they were. Racers of all abilities flocked to the NSCS table each night to watch the slide shows and get guidance from sailors who are the best in the business. -- Chris Groobey

NEW! - J/105 Tuning Guide now online!

The North J/105 Class Sail Development (CSD) program is stronger than ever. Our program has consistently helped top sailors finish at the front of their fleets, but even more importantly to us, it has helped our middle-of-the-pack customers become competitive with the top boats. Through continual sail testing and tuning trials, we continue to move our J/105 program forward. Our latest sails and tuning guides have proven to be the most versatile and most user-friendly program on the water. Our customers know that if they use our tuning guide as a baseline, they will be as fast as anyone and can concentrate on race winning tactics.

North Sails offers three Class Jibs. Developed using the most advanced design software suite in the industry and manufactured using the world’s most advanced sailmaking technology - 3DL® - our headsails will help lead you to the top of your fleet. Choose your weapon!

The CJ-2 Aramid Class Jib is a refinement of design combining the best features of our AP-1 and WV-1. With a custom yarn layout, increased DPI, finishing detail refinements and minimum class bag weight of 23 lbs., this sail is the result of extensive testing. Proven fast in both light and heavy air, the CJ-2 jib features a specialized vertical profile to allow for tight sheeting for exceptional pointing ability.

HA-2 Aramid Class Jib The HA jib utilizes horizontal roll battens. The 3DL HA Jib is optimized for the heavy air conditions. The draft forward, straight leech design of the HA jib is ideal for the more windy venues. For PHRF sailors, the HA jib is a perfect complement to your overlapping genoa.

North Sails is working harder than ever to help our customers compete and enjoy their J/105. Will Keyworth (will@sales.northsails.com), left and Seadon Wijsen (seadon@sales.northsails.com), right, head the North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) for the J/105. We continue to develop new tuning and trim techniques to help our clients get maximum performance from their boats.