We work hard on our J/109 Class Sail Development (CSD) menu of sails, which are optimized for class racing, but we are also continuing to refine our sails for handicap racing. The 145% genoa and big 120m2 AP spinnaker are proven fast sails in just about every area. Our Code 0A sail for tight reaching in very light breeze has won a few races too. So, even if you don’t race in class events, and/or maybe only race on weeknights, we are working to make the best sails that win races. Your local North representative can help you customize the best sails for your area.

North Sails' Class Sail Development (CSD) has led the pack in J/109 sail development since the first boat was launched. North Sails is committed to constantly refining our sail shapes, materials and tuning to ensure our clients have the fastest sails out there. 

North CSD brings you all the best tools to improve your boat, sails and crew. We have a proven track record of performance, and look we forward to showing you why. No matter where you stand in the fleet, the Class Sail Development can help you get those extra points that make the difference.

Good Luck and Good Sailing!
Jack Orr

© North SailsJack Orr is the J/109 Class Leader for North Sails' Class Sail Development. He has all the info to help you go faster and have more fun on your J/109. Browse through the CSD site and feel free to contact Jack with any questions from tuning to class rules and everything in between. He can also help you find the J/109 expert nearest you, so contact Jack (jacko@sales.northsails.com) today!