North Sails' J/111 Class Sail Development


With over 100 J/111s now on the water and many sailed by North Sails clients, our team of skilled sail designers and consultants do continual research and sail testing to ensure that our clients get the fastest proven sails right from the start!

Perry Lewis (North's Midwest expert) jumped right in with Hull #2 and our first generation of sails. The class rules were not finalized at this time which gave us the ability and flexibility to give our feedback to the Jeff and Stu Johnstone to further optimize the rule and make changes to the next series for Hull 3.

Since its inception, North Sails representatives and sail designers have conducted tuning sessions to work on rig tune and matching designs to fit a range of conditions from 5-12 kts.

Following these sessions, the North team put their collective tuning notes together with designers Chris Williams, Rich Bowen (upwind) and David Hirsch (downwind) to come up with finalized designs, which continue to be improved from year to year. “The process of coming up with a fast product has never been as smooth”, said Dave Scott, who has plenty to compare with having been a part of the Farr 40 sail development program for more than 15 years. “I am confident we have the best developed J/111 sails a customer could ask for due to the coordination of our efforts in all parts of the country. Who else can say that?”
Perry Lewis is a 33-year veteran of North Sails, and got involved early in the J/111 with the sail inventory for Hull #2 (Sept 2010). He participated in a two-boat R&D session in Annapolis and helped Kashmir win the Chicago NOOD in 2011 and Impulse win the NOOD in 2012.

Video shot & edited by Onne van der Wal.