Henry Little© Meghan Sepe

Jack Slattery© Meghan Sepe
A J/30 sails the speed of 35 to 40 footers and will be ahead of the average 30-foot cruiser by the length of a football field after a mile of sailing. Such performance means that 40 to 50 mile daily runs are easy. Speed in light air and pointing ability also mean less engine time and more sailing.

Easier, More Fun to Sail. A key to making fast boats easier to sail than slow boats is the "fractional rig". By making the mainsail larger and jibs smaller, a 12-year-old can lift, hoist, and trim the #1 genoa of a J/30.

The J/30 performs under mainsail alone better than most 30-foot cruisers under full sail. This "no problem" alternative comes in handy getting through storms or crowded harbors or for relaxed picnic sails. There are few boats that will surf downwind in strong winds under spinnaker with better control.

Dry and Stable. The J/30 hull is designed with plenty of flair and reserve buoyancy forward to keep spray off the decks when sailing upwind and to prevent the bow from submarining when running before the wind in high seas. She is stiff in a blow with good sail carrying power.
Henry Little and Jack Slattery are the J/30 Class Leaders. With more than 40 years of sailmaking experience between the two of them, Henry and Jack are closely involved with the class and is always working to improve the product. 

They can answer any questions you have about the J/30, including sail and rig setup, or they can direct you to your local J/30 expert.

Henry can be reached at henry.little@northsails.com and jack.slattery@northsails.com