Melges 32

The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) has been heavily involved in the Melges 32 class since its inception in 2005. We are continually racing in Melges 32 events, testing our sails and making improvements that keep North customers in the lead. North Sails does more testing and development in the Melges 32 than all other sailmakers combined.

CSD Melges 32 CSD sails are made with the most advanced materials and manufacturing technology in the industry. We also work together with Southern Spars and Melges Performance Boatworks to create the best sails for your complete Melges 32 package. CSD sails are not only at the top of the class; they are the most popular sails in the class. Melges 32 CSD has also compiled expert tuning tips to optimize sails, boat and crew so that you can get those extra points that make the difference.

QUOTE: Cameron Appleton, ARGO Tactician after 2013 Worlds in Porto Rotondo, Italy: We used 100% standard North Class Sail Development (CSD) 3DL sails plus medium and heavy 3Di jibs. Straight out of the bag, our sails set up great...

Pierre Casiraghi
Keisuke Suzuki
John Kilroy, Jr.
Samba Pa Ti
Edoardo Lupi
Jason Carroll
10. Dieter Schoen
* - majority North Sail inventory  

Harry Melges & Daniele Cassinari© North SailsHarry Melges (left, top) and Daniele Cassinari (left, bottom) are the Melges 32 Class Leaders for the Class Sail Development. Both Harry and Daniele are experienced Melges 32 specialists, and they can make your boat faster and more fun!

Harry is your American Melges 32 Class Leader, and Daniele is your European Class Leader. Browse through the website and if you have any questions feel free to email Harry or Daniele. They can also help you find your local Melges 32 expert.