Melges 32

The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) has been heavily involved in the Melges 32 class since its inception in 2005. We are continually racing in Melges 32 events, testing our sails and making improvements that keep North customers in the lead. North Sails does more testing and development in the Melges 32 than all other sailmakers combined.

CSD Melges 32 CSD sails are made with the most advanced materials and manufacturing technology in the industry. We also work together with Southern Spars and Melges Performance Boatworks to create the best sails for your complete Melges 32 package. CSD sails are not only at the top of the class; they are the most popular sails in the class. Melges 32 CSD has also compiled expert tuning tips to optimize sails, boat and crew so that you can get those extra points that make the difference.

QUOTE: Jason Carroll, ARGO Skipper after 2014 Worlds in Miami, FL: "Winning a single championship in the Melges 32 is no small feat, but winning a second championship on the heels of the first is a sweet victory indeed. It's confirmation that our team is an outstanding and versatile group that can adapt to changes in our roster, in the competition and in the conditions. I couldn't be happier or prouder of Westy, Kusch, Graham, Flipper, Chuck, Cam and Anthony for what they do on the race boat, and we certainly owe a huge amount to Chad, Rod, Jim, Charlie and Tina for all they did to get us ready to race this year."

QUOTE: Cameron Appleton, ARGO Tactician after 2014 Worlds in Miami, FL: "Winning a World Championship has many emotions attached to it. Crossing the finish line first in the final race and simultaneously securing our second straight world title was very satisfying," Appleton said. "Miami delivered amazing racing conditions which tested the teams throughout the week. We have an outstanding crew and we focused on building a plan and executing it each day. I couldn't be more proud of our winning approach all week long. We are all looking forward to getting back on the water next season."

Jason Carroll
Edoardo Lupi
Naofumi Kamei
Mamma Aiuto
Alec Cutler
William Douglass
Goombay Smash
9. Pierre Casiraghi
Robertissima 1
11. Dieter Schoen
12. Deneen Demourkas
13. Keisuke Suzuki
14. John Kilroy, Jr.
Samba Pa Ti
16. Edoardo Pavesio
Fra Martina
17. Chris Wientjes

Daniele Cassinari is based in Italy and is a Melges 32 class expert. He is a leading tactician in the Melges 24 fleet and has raced Farr 40s, Melges 32s, X35s, X41s and Melges 20s. He has years of dinghy and keelboat experience and can answer any questions you may have about the Melges 32 to enhance your sailing experience.

Cameron Appleton is one of sailing’s leading tacticians. His experience and expertise across a wide range of circuits makes Appleton one of the most in-demand talents in the sport. Alongside his historic America’s Cup victory with Team New Zealand in 2000, Appleton’s recent accomplishments include: Melges 32 World Champion (2013, 2014); Melges 32 European Champion (2012); Melges 32 US National Champion (2011, 2012).

Harry Melges has been a Melges expert from a very young age. He was hooked almost immediately on not only racing but also helping with the design and build of all Melges sailboats. For Harry, building boats and designing sails means being on the water and attempting to find the perfect configuration and fastest sail shape. Harry can answer any Melges 32 sail-related questions you may have.