The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) has been heavily involved in the Soto 40 class since its inception in 2009 in South America. We are continually racing in all the Soto 40 events, testing our sails and assisting our customers to learn how to get the most from their boats and making improvements that keep North customers in the lead. We have developed a very complete tuning guide and are updating them constantly as the Soto 40 becomes more and more competitive. North Sails has invested more time testing and developing the sails for the Soto 40 than all other sailmakers combined.

Soto 40 CSD sails are made with the most advanced materials and manufacturing technology in the industry. We also work together with the Class and M- Boats to create the best sails for your complete Soto 40 package. CSD sails are not only at the top of the class; they are the most popular sails in the class. Soto 40 CSD has also compiled expert tuning tips to optimize sails, boat and crew so that you can get those extra points that make the difference.

Boats powered with North CSD sails have won some of the most important Soto 40 regattas and we look forward to many more as the class continues to grow. North CSD sails have always been the sail of choice in South America and as the Soto 40 class continues to grow in Europe and Asia , North Sails continues to be a leader in material and design development.

Torkel Borgstrom runs North Sails in South America and is an active sailor in one design and offshore racing. With an offshore racing background that starts in the late 1970's, he has competed at an international level in IOR, IMS and IRC and has won many world titles and prestigious international regattas in boats ranging from the old Quarter Tonners to Maxi Yachts. He is one of the founders of the Soto 40 class and actively races onboard a Soto 40.

Gonzalo Ramos Vertiz (left) is a young and talented sail designer from North Sails in South America and has been dedicated to the Soto 40 Class since its inception. He has designed all the sails and has worked with Juan Garay to improve the Soto 40 sail designs across the board. He is actively racing as mainsail trimmer on several boats.