Swan 42

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The North Sails Class Sail Development (CSD) has been closely involved with the class since its inception. While rules and equipment evolve, CSD strives to stay ahead of the curve. We use Swan 42 regattas as material and design tests, so you know that when you buy a new CSD sail from North, it’s already a proven racer.

Despite our success in Swan 42 racing events, we always push ourselves to improve upon our own high standards. North's Swan 42 CSD has compiled expert tips on sails, crew work and tuning to keep you FAST. So check out the site and see what CSD has to offer.

Why Choose North Sails?

One of the basic principles for North Sails Class Sail Development revolves around the roles of the CSD leader and the dissemination of information to the sales staff. There is no doubt that North Sails is the largest sailmaker in the world with an amazing array of very talented sailors that sell the products everyday. CSD classes become quite specialized, hence the need for a leader within North to gather information and feed it to our sales staff, in turn creating experts in the Swan 42 worldwide. You can be assured that your local North Sails representative is well versed in what makes a Swan 42 tick, or can find out in one quick phone call. Swan 42 owners can deal with their local North Sales rep for all aspects of buying, servicing and tuning the products.

Noted North Sails designers Rodrigo Mireles and David Hirsch are leading the way in the upwind and downwind sail designs for the Swan 42. Using our proprietary software programs we predict and refine the optimal flying shapes for all the sails through their wind ranges. At the end of each year a major design review is undertaken as there are always improvements and developments to be made. North Sails’ position is to do these developments once per year, ahead of major class regattas, and to put the changes in effect starting with sails produced in the new calendar year.

North Sails will not make mid-year changes to our designs, because we do not feel that is in the interests of this one design class and fair competition. Any changes you may see would be cosmetic in nature. The 2008 designs are future refinements based on the 2006 prototypes, 2006 KWRW designs and the 2007 one design standard molds. Most notable in the design changes is the 2008 1.5A Asymmetric. This sail is designed for up close and personnel one design racing when bigger area and better soaking ability are a must to get you across the line first. A modified 1A is still available in 2008 for IRC and handicap racing where the boats tend to sail more to the polars and less close quarter combat is required. Rest assured, we are already testing prototypes for the 2009 one design sails. During the SORC regatta in Miami In March 2008 we tested several different spinnaker cloths for both the inshore one design and offshore spinnakers. In July of 2008 we will be testing new designs for the Mainsail, medium and light jibs.

All the 3DL™ mains and genoas will be built using our exclusive 3DL process (left.) The materials are Mylar with a blend Carbon and Aramid yarns to the specific class specifications. Of course there are no seams and the sails are truly one piece molded sails. A 3DL sail begins its life in our 3DL facility in Minden Nevada and are finished at our Class Sail Development manufacturing headquarters in Stevensville Maryland.

A central production loft ensures complete consistency with every Swan 42 sail. The Stevensville loft also builds all the Farr 40, Swan 45, Melges 30, and Farr 30 One Design sails with the same attention to detail. Spinnakers will be built using the ideal material for each sail type. The lighter spinnakers will use our proprietary material NorLite. The heavy air spinnaker will be built of AirX 900 and 700.

North is unique in having dedicated service personnel. Our service team only services sails, they do not build new sails. Of particular relevance to the Swan 42 Class are our service operations in –

» Huntington, Long Island, NY – Chris Buncke, Sail Care Manager 
» Milford, CT – CJ Salustro, Sail Care Manager 
» Portsmouth, RI – Eric Wakefield, Sail Care Manager 
» Salem, MA – Brad White, Sail Care Manager 
» Chesapeake, MD - Jeff Todd , Sail Care Manager

Sails can be picked up and dropped off upon request. All lofts offer a drop box arrangement. North Sails has the most complete and experienced service network in the World. PRICING Please refer to our sail pricing page for the latest pricing and product specifications. ADDED VALUE North Sails comprehensive and complete tuning guide will insure that you are up to speed right out of the box. Visit our tuning guide for more information on how to tune your Swan 42. We will also soon provide sail selection charts to indicate what sails should be used in what wind ranges, and at what wind angles.

Tom Castiglione© North SailsTom Castilgione (tomc@sales.northsails.com) is your Swan 42 Class Leader within North Sails. Tom is incredibly involved with the class and is always working to improve the product. He can answer any questions you have about the Swan 42, or he can direct you to your local Swan 42 expert.