3DL 680
The 3DL performance/durability/value leader

3DL 680 upwind sails feature North's most sophisticated Grand Prix yarn layouts using a blend of black aramid yarn and North's Flex-Balanced™ carbon. 3DL 680 sails deliver an unmatched combination of performance, durability and affordability, making them the value leader of 3DL sails.

Product Highlights
  • Thermo-formed on full-sized 3-dimensional molds
  • Features 70% high modulus black aramid yarn and 30% North Flex-Balanced™ carbon.
  • Available with an additional internal scrim for added toughness
  • Available with single-sided North TF™ taffeta film

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3DL 680 sails are available in 70% black aramid / 30% carbon.

3DL 680 Features - Mainsails & Headsails
  • 3DL thermo-molded construction
  • 70% black aramid yarn and 30% North Flex-balanced carbon
  • Performance Films with Lightweight films available
  • Loose-footed main with Integral Foot Skirt for shape and control
  • Luff customized to mast/boom or headstay system (except for custom luff cars)
  • Cuben Fiber patches and finishing
  • Stainless steel round rings (Titanium if loads indicate a better fit) and Rutgerson press rings
  • RBS epoxy “E-glass” battens
  • Pockets with 3Di tie in closure
  • Cunningham adjustment
  • Pre-stretched Technora or Vectran leech and foot cords with purchase system adjuster
  • Telltales
  • Drawstring sailbag
  • Additional internal scrim or single-sided North TF taffeta film
  • Higher roach profiles through added area (subject to structural limitations)
  • Full length battens
  • RBS Carbon leech battens
  • Custom Luff and Batten Car Systems
  • Titanium Rings
  • Sail numbers
  • Country code
  • Insignia
  • Trim stripes/Glow Fast stripes
  • Photo and corner codes
  • Certified measurement
  • Reefs
  • Roll or zippered sausage bag
  • Telltale window
  • Leech, Full or VB+ vertical battens
  • RBS Carbon leech battens
  • Soft hanks
  • Soft clew
  • North Clewboard
  • T-ring clew
  • Tack Snap Shackle
  • UV protection
  • Roll or zippered sausage bag
  • 70% Black Aramid/
    30% Carbon