SAILING FITNESS TIP For the Week of March 16, 2009 

Sailing Fitness: Bowman Routine

The Bowman is responsible for making sure sail changes go smoothly, jibing the spinnaker pole, organizing and running the front end of the boat. The training will be structured as if we are training to be a gymnast or rock climber. Flexibility, lightning speed, agility, balance and strength will be needed to be effective while under pressure, anticipating the next move.

Apart from a strong cardiovascular program we can work on various exercises that can help

A few of my favorites are:

• Squat thrust/Shoulder press; It’s a great exercise that challenges the heart rate, incorporates many different exercises all in one (synergistic) and will challenge the best athletes. This exercise can be intensified by first pre exhausting the arms and legs.

• Rows; These can be done one arm or two. Adding a Bosu ball or Stability ball will assist in working the core.(Throw in Pullups, as many as possible)

• Circuit Training; This is a fantastic way to train. Basically you move from exercise to exercise every 30 seconds. The workout takes about 30 minutes and can be done with the crew or alone. Intensity will be increased or decreased depending upon routine chosen…

• Plyometrics;This helps with explosive power and speed

• Agility ladders, cones, exer-band harness; Speed, balance and agility training

As anybody who has ever trained can tell, these “favorites” are but a brushstroke of what goes into a regiment, especially one designed for a Bowman. Injury maintenance and prevention play a significant part in the structure of any routine and at times, a therapeutic routine will need to be incorporated.

Push/Pull routines, HIT, Yoga, Pilates, swimming, Olympic style weightlifting and more can be integrated into a structured regiment, focused on Periodization and assuring variety and success!

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North Sails has partnered with Harry Legum of Annapolis Sailing Fitness to provide our Clients and Web site visitors with some Sailing Fitness Tips & Techniques

Harry Legum (left), trainer/coach for over twenty years, has created a fitness for sailing program utilized by many teams and sailors such as Terry Hutchinson, Anna Tunnicliffe, US Naval Academy and St. Mary’s College as well as countless JR programs from Opti’s to High School. Other Olympic hopefuls and various crews have also trained under his guidance at his studio in Eastport. Harry grew up sailing on the Chesapeake and later became a shock trauma medic in the Army as well as joining the powerlifting team while stationed in Italy. He understands the importance of fitness and strength training both on and off the water. If you have questions for Harry or have an interest in having him develop a personal training program for you, visit