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North Sails-powered teams finish 1-9 in Porto Rotondo, Italy

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Jason Carroll and his team aboard ARGO won the 2013 Melges 32 Worlds in Porto Rotondo, Italy last week after racing against some of the best offshore one design sailors in the world. Twenty-six teams descended on Porto Rotondo for the five day regatta, which produced nine races in mostly light air after the first day was called off due to mistral conditions. Finishing the event with 41 points overall including all top-ten finishes, Carroll and his team sailed consistently all week to take top honors. North Sails-powered boats did very well at this event taking the top nine places.

After racing Melges 32s for five years, Carroll and team ARGO have worked their way to the top of the class culminating with their world championship win in Italy. "Winning the World's was very pleasing for Jason and for our team," said ARGO tactician Cameron Appleton. "We have been a successful team over the years and we knew we had what it takes to put a winning performance together. Our crew work has always been very good so we knew we could rely on this but our goal at this event was to make sure we were fast by finding the gears for the range of conditions you see during a long regatta. We used 100% standard North Class Sail Development (CSD) 3DL sails plus medium and heavy 3Di jibs. Straight out of the bag, our sails set up great and with the hours of practicing on the water before the event, Morgan Reeser and Chad Corning (our coaching team) spent time with crew members Anthony Kotoun and Chuck Norris to refine our different setup steps," Appleton continued. "We worked hard on our communication to be sure our focus was on being fast at every moment."

QUOTE: Cameron Appleton, ARGO Tactician: We used 100% standard North Class Sail Development (CSD) 3DL sails plus medium and heavy 3Di jibs. Straight out of the bag, our sails set up great...

"It was pretty nice that our sails were able to take us through the range of the mistral (winds over 40 knots) to under 6 knots and look good all the way through," said Anthony Kotoun. "Our goal was not to get fancy but to win the simple way. Our scores showed we were good in all conditions with no weak areas," Kotoun added. "Most of our finishes were between 3rd and 8th with a difference of 14 points over the 2nd place boat which we were told was the biggest win in the history of the Melges 32 Class World Championships."

M32 3Di jib
For sure teamwork and a great venue played a role in ARGO's win. "Porto Rotondo was a great and very challenging venue," said Appleton. "There aren't many better places around the world. We had over-the-top winds and very light winds which meant we had to be consistent all week. Jason does a great job steering the boat and keeping on the numbers, while the rest of the team hiked really hard. Lindsay Bartel and Peter Crawford are a great team on the bow making sure we have the best sets and drops and they are backed up by our youngest team members Eric Aakhus and Westy Barlow in the middle of the boat," explained Appleton. "We had a fun week doing things as we normally did as a group and to have the success we had, it came down to the combined efforts the whole team put in. A huge thanks to everyone," he concluded.

"Congratulations to all teams who raced at the 2013 Melges 32 World's," said Melges 32 Class Sail Development (CSD) leader Daniele Cassinari. "Despite the mistral on the first day, the rest of the event was basically a light air regatta. Fourteen out of fifteen upwind legs were sailed with light jibs so most teams used North's LC-6 3DL light headsail and MNC-2 3DL mainsail. North-powered boats finished 1-9 at this year's event and 22 out of 26 boats raced with North sails, 17 of those had 100% North sail inventories," Cassinari added. North sail designers Per Andersson and Giovanni Cassinari have done a great job fine tuning the latest Melges 32 CSD sail designs and it was evident at this event that the North Sails-powered teams had an edge," he concluded.

1 - ARGO (NS)
2 - Fantastica (NS*)
3 - Groovederci (NS*)
4 - Azimut by STIG (NS)
5 - Bombarda Racing (NS)
6 - Mascalzone Latino (NS*)
7 - Mamma Aiuto (NS)
8 - Audi Italia Sailing Team (NS*)
9 - Brontolo (NS)

* - majority North Sails inventory

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